Registration for the Fairfield, IA events has reached capacity and is no longer available.

Master John Douglas facilitates workshops and teleseminars designed to give you a new level of awareness and perspective into the realities of your energetic structures and how they affect your health and well being. As complicated and complex as the physical body is, so too is the energetic, or spiritual body. These structures are sometimes referred to as the hologram or bio electrical fields which include the meridians and chakras. It is a very complex matrix.

Negative energies of environmental chemicals, toxins, preservatives, food additives, GMO foods, medications, emotions, etc. are all stored in the body as constriction, blockage, stagnation, poor health and disease.

Master John Douglas educates us on how he uses the highest level of natural law to transmit energy into your physical body and energetic structures to purify, cleanse, rebuild, refine, harmonize and evolve ones meridians, chakras and light fields on all levels. This cleansing allows the bio electrical energy coming from our divine source to flow freely allowing one to heal and regenerate.

Each event with Master John Douglas consists of lecture, Q&A, and a powerful energetic healing.

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Workshop registration $250 paid in advance.
Payment after 24 hours prior to event on-line, or AT THE DOOR IS $300.


There are no scheduled events at this time. We will make registration available as soon as events are confirmed.


  • Workshop registration $250 paid in advance.
  • Payment after 24 hours prior to event on-line, or at the door is $300.
  • Cancellation Policy

    3 or more weeks: 90% refund.

    Less than 3 weeks but more than 48 hours: 50% refund.

    Less than 48 hours: no refund.


    “I put on the Health CD. I could barely contain the lightness I was feeling, I actually became giddy and joyful. ” —Client   Iowa