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Products for Accelerating your Evolution and Healing

Master John Douglas has created powerful tools to empower you on your path of healing and evolution beginning with the DVD "Introduction to Spirit Repair" followed by a library of healing CD programs. Now it is up to you to take action.

The following is Master John's suggested approach to his work and use of his tools. Discover all his tools on pages 1 ,2 ,3 and 4. They have helped a wide variety of clients produce phenomenal results.

  1. Purchase and view the “Introduction to Spirit Repair” DVD
  2. Use daily Location Repair Package
  3. Use daily Spirit Repair Package
  4. Use daily Psychological Repair Package
  5. Use as needed Health Repair Package
  6. Use weekly Subconscious Repair Package
  7. Incorporate Karmic Repair
  8. Incorporate Meditation for Climate Crisis
  9. Incorporate Meditation for Power Development
  10. Incorporate Om-So-Hum Power of Life
  11. Stay current and participate in events such as teleseminars
  12. Attend Workshops, click here to choose the Workshops that are right for you
  13. Evaluate the benefits for Health and Wellness Products, click here


Many of us have been wishing for a way to contact and receive healings and special blessings from Master John and the Master Healing Angels outside the event workshops, teleseminars, and traditional one-on-one individual sessions.

The new "Silent Faith Remote Healings" are Master John's gracious and generous gift and answer to that wish.... more about Silent Faith Remote Healing>

Home Harmony and Repair Device


Place this beautiful picture on the wall and it will emanate certain healing processes for your family and home. The spiritual and healing benefits are very powerful. This tool balances and harmonizes the different levels of emotions and consciousness effecting the family dynamic and evolution. It will keep the air clean by killing various... more about Home Harmony and Repair Device>

Home Harmony and Repair Device with Frame


Home Harmony and Repair Device with black, gold, or silver frame and plexiglass. Please select color choice below before completing your checkout.

Framed prints are available in the continental United States only.

Print shipped directly from the manufacturer. Price includes shipping and... more about Home Harmony and Repair Device with Frame>

Home Harmony and Repair Device for Travel


Like the larger Home Harmony & Repair Device, this smaller, travel-sized version will emanate certain healing processes for you where ever you happen to be. The spiritual and healing benefits are very powerful. This tool balances and harmonizes the different levels of emotions and consciousness effecting the relationship dynamic and evolution... more about Home Harmony and Repair Device for Travel>

Spirit Repair Package CD

The spirit repair package is a comprehensive synthesis of energetic, spiritual and physical healing techniques using spirit life force in various ways to effect change on all levels. John is accompanied by Master beings of healing or Bodhisattvas, and instigates healing processes above the ability of many human energy healers. Many results have... more about Spirit Repair Package CD>

Location Repair Package CD

John's spiritual companions, the Master Healing Angels, will appear at every playing of this CD to carry out the comprehensive space clearing techniques, to properly remove all invading consciousness and energies of the negative astral realm and return them to Gods Center. This invaluable tool, never before available, is powerful protection for you... more about Location Repair Package CD>

Health Repair Package CD


You now have direct access to John's Masters and Angels to help you whenever it is required.

Download the Health Repair Requests (pdf) from the "Guide to Health Repair Teleseminar."

Some conditions are simpler than others, and therefore... more about Health Repair Package CD>

Psychological Repair Package CD

Psychological Repair will activate a process of help and guidance for any challenge, test or trial you may be experiencing in your life.

By clearing mental and psychological limitations, and by positively "programming" your subconscious mind to help with your situation, you will manifest answers and actions in line with your Divine... more about Psychological Repair Package CD>

Subconscious Repair Package CD

Subconscious Repair invites the Master Angels of John Douglas to remove limiting negative "instructions" or beliefs from your subconscious mind. Transformation occurs when the Masters insert the opposite positive "instructions" and you assimilate these over time. This creates real change from the inside out and accelerates your evolution and... more about Subconscious Repair Package CD>

Karmic Repair CD

Karmic Repair is an exercise where the practitioner generates an energetic return in the form of positive karma, using the laws of the universe. The blessings and invocation, given directly by the Master Healing Angels, imply a level of awareness and worthiness in the practitioner, and are energetically some of the most powerful collection of... more about Karmic Repair CD>

Soul Repair Package CD

Soul Repair is a highly advanced spiritual healing and development process. Using Soul Repair will ensure continued realization of your higher soul nature in your daily life, leading to greater awareness, higher functioning and divine oneness at ever increasing levels. Soul Repair also leads to the development of discernment and deepening faith in... more about Soul Repair Package CD>

Astrological Repair Package CD


Astrological Repair is used to mitigate difficult planetary influences. The Masters will also perform various processes in the soul, subconscious and conscious mind to build faith, surrender, and lovingly allow you to take the most beneficial life path for your soul, with graceful learning and development.

For Astrological effect use... more about Astrological Repair Package CD>

Faith & Sensory Development CD


Faith & Sensory Development is a very advanced technique which activates and builds the hidden senses. Thousands of technical enhancements to the pineal gland and other sensory pathways allow the aspiriant to evolve into oneness by access to nature and universal truth. This technique includes some advanced Elite healing processes, and can be... more about Faith & Sensory Development CD>

Relationship Development CD


Relationship Development contains the Relationship Repair process, a transformational spiritual process that activates harmonization and oneness with all particles of matter in the universe. This process impacts all times and dimensions - past, present and future - removing all barriers or "anti-divinity" limitations.

The result is... more about Relationship Development CD>

Geometric Patterning Process CD


Advanced Series

Geometric Patterning Process uses the latest downpouring of evolutionary energy, empowering the user with knowledge, synchronicity and improved consciousness.

Knowledge of your existence, structured in every particle becomes you.

This Advanced Development process should be used by... more about Geometric Patterning Process CD>

Power Development CD

This CD will guide the practitioner through all the spiritual structures of the body to generate power and expansion of consciousness. Specifically engineered to activate the pineal gland, this exercise safely develops the faculty of super-consciousness, activating the Kundalini energy and developing evolution and greatness balanced with the... more about Power Development CD>

Climate Crisis CD

This CD contains a powerful guided healing. When done regularly this CD helps develop the power of positive intention to help change the consciousness of the world toward greater awareness and protection of the environment.

- Manifest a new reality for our environment
- Help yourself and the earth
- Generates... more about Climate Crisis CD>

Om So Hum CD

This chant combines the powerful medium of sound to soothe the nervous system and attract positive influences into our lives. "Om-So-Hum" produces a pure and rhythmical vibration that saturates the consciousness with the inner peace and serenity of divine energy. The mantra renews mind and spirit, and generates the fuel needed for creativity,... more about Om So Hum CD>

Purity, Power And Practice

Though it is easy to take a passive role in our lives, it is our responsibility, if we choose, to take an active role in the evolution of our spiritual growth and power. Master John and his Master Angels have gifted us with priceless tools of CD's to use in our daily practice allowing us to take such responsibility for our evolution and continue our education. These CD's and DVD are like the text books to your course of healing and evolution. Master John can only encourage your use of the tools to purify and strengthen your spirit to enable your evolution, expanded consciousness and greater well being.

“My husband says I am a walking miracle. He told John when they met that John saved my life. He did. ” —MT   Illinois